ROXX® SHOW Series 

The ROXX® SHOW Series satisfies the demand for very high performance, weatherproof lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural applications, in terms of light quality, size and accessories. 

ROXX® SHOW Series – the new benchmark. 


With quick and easy connecting, direct control of the ROXX® fixtures without any additional hardware and a compatibility with all iOS mobile device, you are provided with an innovative and high-performance lighting control system.

Lighting control made easy – with ROXX.APP!


Designed & developed in Germany

ROXX® products are developed and designed in Germany. Always in tight consultation with our customers and experts who will eventually be working with these tools. This guarantees innovative, easy-to-use and performance-oriented solutions, which provide added value for our customers.

Made to last


ROXX® products that are suitable for outdoor applications have the appropriate protection classes. In general an IP65 protection class is just the right level to protect a product from the ingress of dust and rain.

Recommended for permanent outdoor use, ROXX® products feature C5-M, an additional corrosion protection and IP66, an increased equipment protection class. Because of those features, permanent installations in coastal and offshore areas can be reliably realised over long periods of time. Our products are thoroughly tested for their compliance with these standards in order to provide you with a long-lasting investment. 

ROXX® Color Calibration

The ROXX® color calibration ensures excellent white tones, precisely on the black body curve. Similarly, color matching is carried out across the entire range and thus ensures uniform colors of all ROXX® fixtures. The special algorithm enables user-friendly control via only three channels, both in RGB or HSI mode.


Completely certified

In addition to compliance with European guidelines for CE and RoHS, ROXX® products are also Intertek ETL and FCC (product-dependent) certified and therefore also meet the relevant safety standards and requirements for North America.