E.SHOW maxx | Half Grid (Single & Double)

Tailored for television settings, the Half Grid accessories efficiently limit the emitted light, providing you with precise, area-dependent control over illumination levels. Whether you’re fine-tuning lighting for live broadcasts, interviews, or studio productions, the Half Grids ensure impeccable lighting control to meet the standards of television professionals. These accessories feature grids on one half of the ring, offering two different densities for precise control over lighting, ideal for professional TV applications.

Dimension & Weight
  • Material: metal/plastic
  • Net dimensions: 270 x 3 x 270 mm (w x h x d)
  • Net dimensions:10,62 x 0,11 x 10,62 inches (w x h x d)
  • Net weight: 0,2 kg (0,44 lbs)
Included / Optional
  • Included items:
    Half grid single
    Half grid double
    Accessory Holder
  • Color options:
    Black – RAL 9004 (Standard)
    Custom color – any RAL


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