E.SHOW mini TW+

LED Engine

Wireless DMX

Halfsized but packed with power

With the SHOW mini series, ROXX® continues to fulfill the demand for very high performance, weatherproof lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural applications. The flexibility and variety of options previously offered in terms of light quality, size and accessories is now even more pronounced, giving customers that special extra bit of freedom of choice.

SHOW mini, the little brother of the SHOW Series.


The Fixture



TW+ Version

Whether stage, trade fair, corporate, theatre, broadcast or film, the E.SHOW mini TW+ convinces in every sort of application with excellent whites and a wide color range. The central, bundled 6 color LED, which was specially developed for this application, produces a very balanced and luminous light without color shadows.

Perfect Tunable White

Perfect Tunable White

With colors red, green, blue, amber, lime and cyan the ROXX® 6 color LED engine produces a massive light luminosity with very high color rendering for up to 97 CRI/Ra and 98 TLCI. This excellent reproduction quality is available across the entire white spectrum of 2.000-10.000 Kelvin, ensuring perfectly natural colors. The color temperature can be easily adjusted via +/- green function and magentashift.

Color Range

Color Range

The additional use of amber, lime and cyan extends the color spectrum by 15%, thus significantly increasing the color variety of the ROXX® B.SHOW mini TW+.

ROXX Color Calibration

ROXX Color Calibration

ROXX® Color Calibration ensures excellent white tones (CCT 2.000-10.000K), precisely on the black body curve. It also performs color matching over the entire range, ensuring uniform colors across all ROXX® fixtures. The special ROXX® algorithm enables a user-friendly control of the 6 color LED via only three channels, both in RGB or HSI mode.


Quick and easy. The lens change



Thanks to the specially developed and patented ROXX® . R.LOK technology, the lenses can be changed easily, quickly and without any tools. This allows the beam angle to be conveniently adjusted, whether from 14°, 23°, 35°, 52° or elliptical 30°x15° and 46°x17.5°. The 360° slot rotation also allows the elliptical lenses to be aligned continuously.


Thanks to the specially developed and patented ROXX® R.LOK technology, the lenses can be changed easily, quickly and without any tools. This allows the beam angle to be conveniently adjusted, whether from 19°, 36°, 59° or elliptical 17°x24° and 19°x57°. The 360° slot rotation also allows the elliptical lenses to be aligned continuously.


A color and letter code on the lens ring guarantees quick identification of the according beam angle when installed. Inside its touring case, the coding makes it easy to find the desired lens quickly.


The rubberised lens ring is used for safely placing the fixture on its front, without leaving scratch marks on neither housing nor floor.


Everything under control, App / Wireless

Wireless DMX

ROXX® integrates the latest Wireless DMX technology from Swedish manufacturer Lumenradio and is already using the soon to be available DMX Mesh™ technology, bringing the expertise and benefits of mesh networking to the lighting industry. 

The CRMX transceiver module integrated in our fixture realises wireless DMX reception as well as a separate transmission option. A signal can thus be received via radio and transmitted via cable or alternatively be received via cable and transmitted via radio to other fixtures. Full bi-directional communication via RDM is supported in receive mode at the same time. 


Via two IP65-certified 5-pole XLR sockets, the fixture can be integrated into a wired DMX line and furthermore uses via bidirectional RDM communication.

Stand Alone

Via two IP65-certified 5-pole XLR sockets, the fixture can be integrated into a wired DMX line and furthermore uses via bidirectional RDM communication.

Smart control via ROXX.APP

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables direct control of the spotlights via Apple tablet or phone with ROXX.APP, without the need for additional hardware.


Ultra flexible. The accessories

Circular as well as elliptical emitting Micro-Fresnel lenses can be changed easily, quickly and without any tools thanks to the specially developed and protected ROXX® R.LOK technology. A barndoor, honeycomb, softbox and anti-glare shield are available as accessories. The lightweight luminaire quickly proves to be the go-to tool for everyday use, but the smaller sibling of the SHOW mini series can also be used super flexibly for long-term installations thanks to its compact design.


Electronics & Software



High-resolution dimming

The advanced 16-bit technology enables the highest resolution of dimming behaviour and color mixing. Continuous dimming down to zero without visible jumps or color shifts is guaranteed.

Dimmer curves & Tungsten emulation

Four selectable dimmer curves with adjustable response and redshift function for tungsten emulation are also available.


Six adjustable PWM frequencies up to 25kHz guarantee a flicker-free camera image even when taking high-speed recordings.


Via the internal timer function, the stand-alone modes can be conveniently faded in and out after the fixture is switched on, without the need for an external control. Simultaneously, the timer function is available via cable as well as via wireless DMX for master & slave operation.

TW+ Version

Variable CCT plus saturated- to smooth pastel colors.

IP 65

The fixture is fully protected against dust and water jets from any direction.

ROXX® color calibration

ROXX® color calibration guarantees vivid and uniform colors plus excellent whites precisley on the black body curve.

Dim to warm

Switchable Dim-To-Warm function to simulate traditional halogen fixtures while dimming down.

Dimming curves

Four high resolution dimming curves and adjustable dimming response to adapt to the respective application.

Master & Slave

Once the fixture is set to “Master” and on first postion of the chain, it controls the following “Slave” units.

Multiple Angles

Multi beam angles due to optional lenses.

Stand Alone

Extensive stand alone modes for brilliant lighting effects even without the need of external controller.


Six selectable PWM frequencies up to 25kHz guarantees flicker free operation in front of camera, even at high-speed recordings.

Quicklight Function

Quick-light function allows a direct access to dimmer & CCT for easy and fast operation while setting lights.

Wireless Master & Slave

The device features wireless Master & Slave function so that Standalone modes can be easily passed through.

Green Solution

Long life-time of the LED and high energy saving make this product particularly environment-friendly.


Due the internal timer function the fixtures standalone modes can be easily fade in & out after switching on the device, without the need of external controller.

OLED Display

OLED display with four touch-sensitive buttons, backlight- and auto flip function for easy configuration.


Integrated bluetooth interface enables direct controlling with mobile devices via ROXX.APP without the need of extra hardware.

RDM enable

Remote Device Management enables bi-directional communication over DMX network, for external programming and monitring functions.

Temperature controlled fan

Temperature controlled fan for optimized and silent operation.


Besides the product compliance for european market this product is also FCC certified and complies to the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission.


Integrated wireless DMX receiver & transmitter from Lumenradio (CRMX) guarantees safe radio transmission of DMX data. Receive mode is full RDM-enabaled.

16-Bit Technology

16-bit technology for high-resolution color mixing and ultra-smooth dimming behaviour.


Besides the product compliance for european market this product is also ETL certified and complies to the safety norms and requirements for North-America.

Technical Data

LED expected lifetime 50.000 hours
Lightsource 1x200W RGBALC
Type of optical system reflector + interchangable lens plates
LED PWM Frequency selectable 800Hz, 1.200Hz, 2.000Hz, 3.600Hz, 12kHz, 25kHz
Beam angles (50%) 14° (with VN lens)
23° (with N lens)
35° (with M lens)
52° (with W lens)
30° x 15° (with EN lens)
46° x 17,5° (with EW lens)
Maximum Field angles (10%) 25° (with VN lens)
43° (with N lens)
69° (with M lens)
86° (with W lens)
58° x 34° (with EN lens)
73,5° x 40° (with EW lens)
Color temperature range 2.000-10.000K
CRI/Ra 97
Efficancy (max) 38,14 lm/W
Luminous flux 4501 lm
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with VN lens) 4130lx
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with N lens) 2540lx
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with M lens) 888lx
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with W lens) 487lx
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with EN lens) 1520lx
illuminance Lux @ 3m (with EW lens) 1065lx
Dimensions & Weight
IP class IP65
Body material Aluminum, Nylon
Lens material Tempered glass front
Net dimensions (w x h x d) 170 x 273 x 230mm
Net dimensions inches 6,69 x 10,75 x 9,06 inches
Physical Head Straight Up Height 310mm (12,20 inches)
Net weight (including Yoke) 3,92 kg (8,64lbs)
Tilt 360°
Tilt Locking System Locking system with angle indicator
Electrical Data
AC Power, max 90 – 285V 50/60Hz
AC Power, nominal 100 – 240V 50/60Hz
Electrical protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Max Inrush Current 1,206A
Max power consumption 130W
Standby Power 5,5W
Max power thru @ 100 V 11A
Max power thru @ 230 V 11A
Power Factor 0.895 PF (230V) / 0.992 PF (120V)
Power Supply Unit Inbuilt auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Power Linking 12 units @ 120 V; 21 units @ 230 V
Operator & Controller
DMX Functions Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, Shutter, Duration, Hue, Saturation, Red, Red Fine, Green, Green Fine, Blue, Blue Fine, Lime, Lime Fine, CCT, Tint, Color Macro, Color Macro Crossfade, Device Settings
DMX channels 3CH CCT, 3CH RGB, 6CH RGB, 9CH RGB, 11CH RGB, 14CH RGB,
DMX modes 12
Protocol CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Setting and addressing OLED graphical display / 4 controls
Standalone mode Auto Program, Editor, Color Macro, Quick Color, Tunable White, User Color, Timer
Wireless DMX Lumenradio with RDM (CRMX)
Indicator OLED graphical display
Controls 4 touch sensitive, backlighted controls
Strobe 0-20Hz
DMX I/O IP65 XLR 5-pin male/female
Power In TRUE1 compatible input & link-thru sockets
Mounting point on fixture 1 x two quarter-turn locking points for optional Omega Bracket, cen- tric hole 13mm (1/2″), 2x extra holes for TV Spigot
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Hanging or ceiling / pendant mount (Pendant blind caps included)
Safety features rear mount for safety wire
Minimum distance from flammable materials 0,3 meters (11,8 inch)


Thermal Characteristics
Cooling Active, Forced Air, Temperature-regulated
Humidity (max.) 95%
Temperature range, Operating -20°C to 45°C
Temperature range, Start-Up -20° to 50°C
Temperature range, Storage -20°C to 80°C
Thermal Protection Automatic overtemperature protection
Included / Optional
Included items 2x radiator caps for pendant installation
2m power cord
Optional Accessories Multiple Lens Plates (circular & elliptical), Safety-Free Accessory Adapter, 8-Way Barndoor, Honey Comb, Full Anti-Glare Shield, Gel- Frame, Omega Bracket with quater-turn fasteners, Touring Cases
Color options Black – RAL 9004 (Standard)
White – RAL 9010 (on request)
Custom color – any RAL (on request)
CE – 2014/30/EU: EMC Directive
EN 55103-2
EN 55015
EN 61547
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 55032
CE – 2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive
EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-17
EN 62471
EN 60529
RoHS2 Directive
Order Number
SHOW mini Code
B.SHOW mini TW+ 11401001
B.SHOW mini FC 11401101
E.SHOW mini TW+ 11201001
E.SHOW mini FC 11201101


Accessories Code
SHOW mini Lens Very Narrow (black) 11409701
SHOW mini Lens Narrow (black) 11408901
SHOW mini Lens Medium (black) 11409001
SHOW mini Lens Wide (black) 11409101
SHOW mini Lens Elliptical Narrow (black) 11409201
SHOW mini Lens Elliptical Wide (black) 11409301
SHOW mini Accessory Holder (black) 11909401
SHOW mini Barndoor (black) 11909501
SHOW mini Honey Comb (black) 11909601
SHOW Omega Bracket ST (black) 90900002



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Soon available!


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