E.SHOW maxx | Medium Lens

Key Features:

  • Micro fresnel lens with medium beam angle
  • Suitable for all E.SHOW maxx Series models
  • Safety free lens system due integrated magnets (second safety)
  • Easy alignment of elliptical lenses
  • Color coated lens handle
Dimension & Weight
  • Material: plastic and rubber
  • Net dimensions: 252 x 252 x 21 (w x h x d)
  • Net dimensions inches: 9,92 x 9,92 x 0,83  inches
  • Net weight: 0,48 kg / 1,06 lbs
  • Safety free lens system due integrated magnets
  • Integrated accessory holder including Front bumbers &Pressure springs
Included / Optional
  • Color options:
    Black (Standard)

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